Hardwiring the manic

tael tael at world.net
Sun Aug 31 02:14:10 EST 1997

I'll bet most of the boys and girls here have seen the movie Mr Jones
- a story about a guy (Richard Gere) coming to terms with his
gift/curse of Manic Depression.

I have a few questions about this for those who have enough smarts in
this field which is mostly unknown to me.

First of all is the story of Mr Jones an accurate representation of
someone who is manic depressive?

I feel I can relate to his manic states sometimes when Im jogging or
when Im dancing in a nightclub (not on drugs!) in that I feel I could
take on the world right at that moment and I don't give a shit what
anyone thinks of me. This is the way I want to feel all of the time. I
don't want to care what anyone thinks of me anymore. I want to act
spontaneously, stuff ettiqute, dress how I want to, voice my opinions,
live exactly how I want to. Scratch my ass in public without feeling
bad about it, if I wanted to!   :) 

Do you think the manic state would overcome feelings of society's
repression that I often feel? (Well actually I know that they do but
perhaps our definitions are different..).

How can I live in this state of living exactly how I want without
thinking of what others think of me? I've tried increasing serotonin
levels but that just makes you 'sleepy and all potato like'. 

What do increased levels of dopamine and noradrenaline do?

If this is the way how can I increase these juices without stuffing up
my brain in other respects?

Or do you think the solution might lie in reprogramming my
neuropathway reactions via nlp??

Massive thankyous for your help!


PS. Ive posted this to quite a few newsgroups which may not be
appropriate. If you think you can help but don't want to bother the
whole group could you please reply privately. tael at world.net

I will post the best reply on all of the newsgroups and present you
with the golden ascii-crown award!! [but I will keep you anonymous if
you desire].

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