Adaptive Simulated Annealing ASA-16.3

Lester Ingber ingber at ingber.com
Mon Dec 1 10:05:03 EST 1997

                Adaptive Simulated Annealing ASA-16.3
ASA is one of the most powerful optimization algorithms for nonlinear
and stochastic systems.  The latest code can be retrieved using these
                        Interactively Via WWW
The ASA archive can be accessed via WWW path
        http://www.alumni.caltech.edu/~ingber/ [mirror homepage]
                        Interactively Via Anonymous FTP
Code and reprints can be retrieved via anonymous FTP from
ftp.ingber.com.  Interactively [brackets signify machine prompts]:
        [your_machine%] ftp ftp.ingber.com
        [Name (...):] anonymous
        [Password:] your_e-mail_address
        [ftp>] binary
        [ftp>] ls
        [ftp>] get file_of_interest
        [ftp>] quit
The 00index file contains an index of the other files.  Files have the
same WWW and FTP paths under the main / directory; e.g.,
http://www.ingber.com/MISC.DIR/00index_misc and
ftp://ftp.ingber.com/MISC.DIR/00index_misc reference the same file.
                        Electronic Mail
If you do not have WWW or FTP access, get the Guide to Offline Internet
Access, returned by sending an e-mail to mail-server at rtfm.mit.edu with
only the words
        send usenet/news.answers/internet-services/access-via-email
in the body of the message.  The guide gives information on using
e-mail to access just about all InterNet information and documents.
To get on or off the ASA_list send your request to either
        asa-request at ingber.com
        asa-request at alumni.caltech.edu
Update notices are sent to the ASA_list about every month or two, more
frequently if warranted, e.g., in cases of important bug fixes; these
notices are the only e-mail sent to the ASA_list.
                        Additional Information
Lester Ingber Research (LIR) develops projects in areas of expertise
documented in the ingber.com InterNet archive.
Limited help assisting people with queries on my codes and papers is
available only by electronic mail correspondence.  Sorry, I cannot mail
out hardcopies of code or papers.

 /*             RESEARCH                               ingber at ingber.com *
  *       INGBER                                    ftp://ftp.ingber.com *
  * LESTER                                        http://www.ingber.com/ *
  * http://www.alumni.caltech.edu/~ingber/     ingber at alumni.caltech.edu */

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