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Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies

Visit the world's premier international and 
interdisciplinary academic mental health WWW
site, now updated with new search facilities and
links to over 15,000 resources: 

Distance Education

Our interdisciplinary Master's degrees and doctoral
supervision are now available by distance learning:


Mental Health Bookshop

The Centre's new Mental Health Bookshop
includes a comprehensive listing of books covering
psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis as
well as disorders, problems and symptoms. Produced
in association with the Internet Bookshop
our shop presently lists around 10,000 titles. 


Journals Search

The Centre hosts Armin G=FCnther's incomparable
Journals Search Engine which provides access to over
1100 psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, 
psychotherapy and social science journals together
with the facility to search individual journals
or groups of journals.


The Online Dictionary of Mental Health

The Centre's Online Dictionary of Mental Health
is our guide to thousands of mental health resources
on the Internet and includes links to sites dealing with
problems, disorders, self-help resources, as well as to
institutes, organizations, and clinical units. Features 
include our Mental Health Search Engine, Mental
Health Metasearch, the Royal College of Psychiatrists'
'Help is at Hand' leaflet series and Clay Tucker-Ladd's 
Psychological Self-Help Search Engine.  For a break from 
serious research try our 'Entertainment and Tips' section
where you can complete a variety of personality and IQ tests.
***There are also links to sites offering free web pages, email 
addresses, and free faxes together with tools to help you set up 
your own mental health resource.***


Online Books and Papers

There are over one hundred original papers by
Centre staff now available on the WWW plus 
five complete books by  our Professor of Psychotherapy
and Psychoanalytic Studies Dr. Robert Maxwell Young.
These are: The Culture of British Psychoanalysis, Darwin's 
Metaphor, Mental Space, Whatever Happened to Human
Nature? and Mind, Brain and Adaptation in the Nineteenth
Century. We have also recently added Group Relations:
An Introduction by David Armstrong, W. Gordon 
Lawrence and Robert M. Young.


Mental Health Search Engine

The search engine was produced using HOTBOT,
recently voted the Web's best search engine by PC
Computing's Usability Labs. The Mental Health Search
Engine allows you to search over 100 excellent 
mental health sites ranging from national and international
organizations to sites dealing with sepcific professions, 
disorders and campaigns. *** The engine
can by customized to search your own site or others
of interest. ***


Mental Health Metasearch

Use metasearch to search particular sites using their
own engines - includes, Counsel.Lit, Medline, 
Psychopharmacology Tips, Neuroscience Web Search
and many others. 

InterPsych: Professional Mental Health Debate

InterPsych was established in December 1993 to
foster interdisciplinary debate and empirical
collaboration on all aspects of psychopathology.
We believe that an eclectic approach will produce 
refinements in the theory and practice of psychiatry
and clinic psychology and to further this viewpoint
we have for four years encouraged and promoted the
use of the vast resources of the Internet by both 
academics and clinical practitioners. This extraordinary
medium offers the possibility of rapid dissemination of
research findings, and ease in conducting discussions over 
disciplinary and geographic boundaries. You can subscribe
to over forty of InterPsych's professional discussion groups
from the Centre's web site:


Java Mental Health Chat

Java-based chat rooms have been freely avaliable for
some time, but many well-intentioned support and 
discussion groups have floundered for lack of attention.
The Online Dictionary of Mental Health is part of an
international group of projects established o promote
timely interdisciplinary exchange across geographical
boundaries, and is based at the Web site of the Centre for 
Psychotherapeutic Studies, probably the world's premier
academic mental health resource. We hope that you will 
consider setting up a chat rom for professional discussion, 
conceptual investigation, discussion of research findings, or for 
self-help and support as part of this site. By also publishing your  
schedule of meetings here, at a site attracting over 500,000 hits per 
year, we hope that your activities will become an established part of 
the virtual mental health landscape.  


Mental Health Library

A collection of research tools and reference resources:


The easiest way of keeping in touch with the international
and interdiscplinary world of mental health issues is to 
bookmark our WWW site now:



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