Automatic / Controlled Processing

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> Hello,
> I am looking for opinions on biological concomitants of automatic and 
> controlled processes (psychological constructs as suggested by Schneider & 
> Shiffrin, 1977).
> It seems that the orienting response, mismatch negativity and P300a, among 
> others, have all been linked with AUTOMATIC processing in the literature.  
> N200 and P300 ERP components have been associated with CONTROLLED processing.  
> Any comments on this?
> In our lab (in Sydney, Australia) we have an integrated system which allows us 
> to record 32-channel EEG, eye movements, pupil area, galvanic skin 
> response and cardiac and respiratory rhythms concurrently.
> Having collected a reasonable amount of data in a schizophrenia study, I am 
> now trying to come to grips with the (tenuous!) link between automatic and 
> controlled processing, working memory (e.g. Park & Holzman 1992) and  
> short-term visual memory (e.g. Raymond Knight et al., 1985).  I am trying to 
> link these concepts in with popular theories on hemispheric dysfunction in 
> schizophrenia and associated hemineglect (e.g. Michael Posner and Terrence 
> Early).
> If anyone has expertise in this area or would like to discuss these issues 
> further, please contact me via email or post to this newsgroup.
> Thanks,
>         -Barry.
> Barry Manor Physiologist Cognitive Neuroscientist Biomedical 
>             PhD Student in Medicine @ University of Sydney, 
>             Generally Confused, Lover of Bicycles, Bartok and 
>   DoD #620  BMW R100GS 'Chuggy'.  Turns mountains into 
>     E-mail: b.manor at unsw.edu.au  (University of New South 

     Hi Barry! Have a look at the Sport Science literature.
     They are very interested in this topic.  John Shaw.

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