Automatic and Controlled cognitive processing

Barry Manor, presumably b.manor at unsw.edu.au
Tue Dec 2 00:51:25 EST 1997

Hello (this is a re-post, my first attempt disappeared for some reason),

I am looking for opinions on biological concomitants of automatic and 
controlled processes (psychological constructs as suggested by Schneider
Shiffrin, 1977).

It seems that the orienting response, mismatch negativity and P300a,
others, have all been linked with AUTOMATIC processing in the
N200 and P300 ERP components have been associated with CONTROLLED
Any comments on this?

In our lab (in Sydney, Australia) we have an integrated system which
allows us 
to record 32-channel EEG, eye movements, pupil area, galvanic skin 
response and cardiac and respiratory rhythms concurrently.

Having collected a reasonable amount of data in a schizophrenia study, I
now trying to come to grips with the (tenuous!) link between automatic
controlled processing, working memory (e.g. Park & Holzman 1992) and  
short-term visual memory (e.g. Raymond Knight et al., 1985).  I am
trying to 
link these concepts in with popular theories on hemispheric dysfunction
schizophrenia and associated hemineglect (e.g. Michael Posner and

If anyone has expertise in this area or would like to discuss these
further, please contact me via email or post to this newsgroup.



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