Severe MS and Fevers

Dee Booth ddb at lucent.com
Thu Dec 4 08:07:24 EST 1997

    My normal temperature is around 97.5.  My temperature was recently
around 98-100.  It was at different times of days, different days etc and I
Ibueprofene each day when I do a Betaseron shot and the morning after the
shot so I think this often took the fever down so I didn't realize too much
was going on.

These fever fluctations have stopped now and I think the reason was a dead
tooth under a crown.  It just happened that it was time for my dentist
and when I went he found the dead tooth.  It had to come out and when he took

off the crown, from his comments I had the feeling that the infection just
shooting out then.

                                                                    Dee Booth

YaGotaBelieve wrote:

>  Would anyone know why someone with severe MS (kurtzke level 9), would
> start having their body temperature fluctuate (from 98 - 102) on nearly a
> daily basis, despite the fact that there is no sign of infections (all
> tests turn up normal), and the person is taking numerous types on
> antibiotics.    Any type of help is appreciated.
> Dave

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