Evolutionary changes in brain function?

Mark Jordan markj at southern.co.nz
Mon Dec 8 03:23:03 EST 1997

I thought I'd break the silence of this newsgroup by 
asking a (hopefully sensible) question :-)

I'm wondering whether as a general principal brain 
evolution respects existing functionality? ie Only
small refinements or adaptations of function occur
in a given area or structure, rather than a complete
change of function.

It seems to me that when radically new functions are
required, new brain structures or areas are evolved
to cope.

Perhaps this might be a way of minimising risk. You 
don't want to go disrupting vital systems which might
cause your eventual extinction!

So can anybody point me to any evidence that some brain
structure or nuclei has changed its function completely
during the course of evolution?

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has any thoughts
or views on this subject.

I'd also appreciate hearing about any good references
you may know of on the topic of brain evolution.

Best Regards,
Mark Jordan.

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