Histology of Medulla Oblongata?

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>I am doing a paper on the structure of the medulla obolngata relating
>to function and am having difficulty coming up with current sources of
>information (my library's idea of current is something like the
>mid-1970's) that are relevant to my topic (histology of the nervous
>system is not covered in depth in the library either).  Any help,
>either posted or emailed, would be appreciated. . .
>Thanks in advance,
>Steven Stroud

Are you interested in the structure of the medulla oblongata in
mammals or also in the structure of the med. ob. in avains, reptils,
frogs, fishes ?
Are you intrested in the main structures and main features of the
medulla ob. or more specifically in the connectivities or/ and
intranuclear connections?
The med. ob. is for example the entry station for auditory input, but
in some anurans (xenopus etc) and fishes, there exists 2 additional
brain-nerves (for the mechanosensory lateral-line system. These 2
nerves were entring the med. ob. and wwere there projecting to
specific brain-nuclei within the med. ob. as well as to an
intermediate nucleus, which receives also projections from the
auditory pathway....

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