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Wed Dec 10 23:46:55 EST 1997

Pardon the intrusion, but this time I feel that most of you will
find a certain fascination in the multiple import of this post.

First, in the fourteen weeks since 28aug1997 the new web site
http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/ Mentifex AI has been providing a
diagram based tutorial on the (claimed) Theory of Mind.  HTML
coding allows the presentation of diagrams, followed by a multiple-
choice quiz on the the mind-theory portrayed in the diagrams.
The quiz meachanism is very simple:  If you pick a wrong answer,
you are transported back to re-read the material you got wrong.

Those of you who have web sites and are open-minded enough to do
so, please encode a link to Mentifex AI and please also try to
accompany the link with an html-encoded diagram such as follows:

  /^^^^^^^^^^^\   Overview of the Theory of Mind  /^^^^^^^^^^^\<BR>
 /visual memory\           ________   semantic   /  auditory   \<BR>
|      /--------|-------\ / syntax \  memory    |episodic memory|<BR>
|      |  recog-|nition | \________/------------|-------------\ |<BR>
|   ___|___     |       |     |flush-vector     |    _______  | |<BR>
|  /image  \    |     __|__  / \  _______       |   /stored \ | |<BR>
| / percept \   |    /     \/   \/ Verbs \------|--/ phonemes\| |<BR>
| \ engrams /---|---/ Nouns \    \_______/      |  \ of words/  |<BR>
|  \_______/    |   \_______/-------------------|---\_______/   |<BR>

It is my (Arthur T. Murray's) personal belief that a clever enough
person could backwards-engineer such a diagram and independently
re-invent the linguistic theory of mind depicted in the diagram.
Therefore, because of its GENERATIVITY of reasoning that previously
took fourteen years before culminating in the theory-as-diagrammed,
your inclusion of this diagram on your Web site will speak volumes.

The fascinating tidbit for today 10dec1997 is that several co-factors
have combined recently to present for you an intriguing scenario.
On 2dec1997 a very brief REXX program made it possible to prepare
each ASCII mind diagram as a single 630-character string of HTML
code ready for instant Web uploading to any so-called Guestbook.
Subsequent visitors to AI website guestbooks, to Salon magazine
articles, and to Annotations at various websites will suddenly
see the complete mind-model diagram appearing on their screens.
The implications of this diaspora will only slowly dawn on you.

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