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SCIENCE-WEEK is a free weekly Email digest of the news of
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Beginning a few weeks ago, the number of news digests has been
substantially increased, and a Book Notes section has been added.

News briefs from the major journals are amplified with enough
background material to make them intelligible to nonspecialists:
the biology is detailed for physicists and chemists, and the
physics and chemistry is detailed for biologists. The result is
a unique summary of the news of science.

15 to 20 news reports a week, plus annotated listings of new
books in the sciences -- and it's absolutely free.

Headlines for the current SCIENCE-WEEK (December 12, 1997)

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Reported in This Issue:

1. On Fashions in Science and Technology
2. On the Foundation of the Silicon Age
3. Analysis of Dust Remnants of the Solar Nebula
4. An Analysis of the Cosmic Infrared Background
5. Evidence for Common X-Ray Emission of Comets
6. Macroscale Fluctuations in a Free Diffusion Process
7. New Evidence of Reactivity of Fullerene Segments
8. Organic Molecules and Prebiotic Earth
9. A New Technique for Molecular Analysis of Tissue
10. Persistence of the DNA Form of an RNA Virus
11. An Apparent Involvement of Prion Protein in Copper Binding
12. CD4(+) T-Cell Responses and Control of HIV
13. Engineered Viral Targeting of HIV- and SIV-Infected Cells 
14. A New Drug Against Osteoporosis and High Cholesterol
15. A Simple Test to Detect Cardiac Emergencies
16. Ambiguities in the Diagnosis of Dementia
17. The Thyrotropin Receptor in Thyroid Disease

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