Fink-Heimer staining

jamie boyd boydjd at ctrvax.vanderbilt.edu
Thu Dec 11 18:21:05 EST 1997

I was just thinking about trying some degeneration stains the other
day! Fink-Heimer is an old silver staining method for degenerating nerve

Fink and Heimer 1967 Brain Research 4 369-374

There are many variations. The literature search that I did came up with
lots of recipes (although I have not actually used any of them yet)

	 The paper with the prettiest pictures was:

Gallyas et al,1980 Stain Technology 55:5 299-306.

Gallyas has done a lot of work on neuroanatomical silver stains. His
stains use a different physical developer than other people, with sodium
carbonate instead of gum arabic as a chelator.  I use his myelin stain
that uses the same developer, and I think it is very good. So if you are
interested in staining degenerating terminals, I would recommend giving
this paper a read for yourself.


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