Pt Plating (Kohlrausch Sol.)

Patrick Martin patrick at anatomy.ucl.ac.uk
Mon Dec 15 00:08:48 EST 1997


I've used and enjoyed Kohlrausch's solution for many a year, but now I have none
and need to make it.  I've never done it before.  The refs say dissolve
3% PtCl2 and 0.25% PbAc in 0.025N HCl.  The PtCl2 sank to the bottom and didn't 
seem at all interested in dissolving.  I then went to the Merrick Index, which
states that PtCl2 is insol. in water, which I had just empirically proved.

I'm a tad confused.  If you are familliar with Kohlrausch's could you drop me a 
line clarifying how it is made?

Thanks very much.


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