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Headlines for the current SCIENCE-WEEK (December 5, 1997)

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Reported in This Issue:

1. On the Swiss Constitutional Prohibition of Gene Manipulation
2. U.S. Congressman Advocates Mind Over Body Medicine.
3. A Funding Crisis in Paleontology
4. Mini-Comet Impact Spots May Be Instrumental Artifacts
5. On the Mysteries of the Star Eta Carinae
6. New Evidence Concerning Gamma Ray Blazars
7. On the Lives of Binary Stars
8. A Cloud Scattering Model for the Warming of Early Mars
9. Rotation Differences of Earth's Inner Core and Mantle
10. Discovery of a New Link in the Evolution of Mammals
11. HIV Replication Recovery After Prolonged Repression
12. Total Synthesis of Important New Cytotoxic Agents
13. A Model for Beta-Hairpin Folding in Proteins
14. Complete Sequencing of Genome of Bacillus Subtilis
15. A Receptor Identified as a Key in Cholesterol Transport
16. A Non-Syndromic Deafness Gene and its Function
17. On the Management of Multiple Sclerosis by Drug Therapy
18. Genetic Testing for Cancer Risk
19. Nucleic Acids and the Detection of Cancer
20. Molecular Biology of Human Acute Leukemias
21. Genetic Approaches to the Design of Anti-Cancer Drugs
22. Environmental Risks and Cancer
23. Chemoprevention of Cancer

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