Pt Plating (Kohlrausch Sol.)

Udin, Susan sudin at ubmedb.buffalo.edu
Tue Dec 16 10:57:13 EST 1997


I've used and enjoyed Kohlrausch's solution for many a year, but now I have
and need to make it.  I've never done it before.  The refs say dissolve
3% PtCl2 and 0.25% PbAc in 0.025N HCl.  The PtCl2 sank to the bottom and
seem at all interested in dissolving.  I then went to the Merrick Index, which
states that PtCl2 is insol. in water, which I had just empirically proved.

I'm a tad confused.  If you are familliar with Kohlrausch's could you drop me
line clarifying how it is made?

Thanks very much.


Dear Patrick,

I don't know what Kohlrausch's solution is used for, but I have a recipe for 
platinum plating solution that may work for you.  I use it for plating 
microelectrodes for extracellular recording from brain tissue.

Platinum plating solution
 A.  1 g H2PtCl6.H2O (hexachloroplatinic acid hexahydrate, FW 517.92)
  100 ml H2O
  ~0.05 mg lead citrate
 B. Add 25 mg agarose to 100 ml H2O
  Heat to about 70? C to dissolve
  Add Solution A and enough water to make 250 ml

This solution is highly stable when kept in the dark, especially if you keep 
it in the refrigerator.  Good luck.

Susan Udin
Department of Physiology & Biophysics
State University of New York
Buffalo, NY 14214
email: sudin at ubmedb.buffalo.edu

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