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Headlines for the current SCIENCE-WEEK (December 19, 1997)

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Reported in the Latest Issue:

1. More Discussion of Acronym Anarchy in Molecular Biology
2. Constraints Imposed in Use of Breast Cancer Gene Patents
3. Research Libraries Uniting Against Journal Prices
4. Estimated 20 Million Infected with AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa
5. On the Formation of Elliptical Galaxies
6. Another Warning Concerning Greenhouse Gases
7. Analysis of the Southern Ocean Eltanin Asteroid Impact
8. Evidence Against a Climate Forcing of Mammalian Evolution
9. On the Present Status of Combinatorial Chemistry
10. Synthesis of Block Copolypeptides of Defined Architecture
11. A Quadruple H-Bonding Method for Reversible Polymer Formation
12. Complete Genome Sequence of an Archaebacterium
13. Disseminated Independent Circadian Clocks in the Fruit Fly
14. Structure and Function of Vertebrate Magnetic Sense Organs
15. Effects of Nicotine on Brain Nerve Cells
16. Cancer: No Acquired Drug Resistance to Anti-Angiogenic Agent
17. Alcohol Consumption and Mortality: A New Massive Study
18. A Review of Hepatitis-B Virus Infection

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