Neuropathy - Post Chemo Treatment

Griffith A V Morgan gmorgan at uoguelph.ca
Sun Dec 21 09:12:07 EST 1997

Re your friend,Clay
	I had non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 1986. Had an exploratory biopsy on
the big,rapidly growing lump on my right neck. Then chemotherapy -don't
know the medications but one was "Oncavin". During this taxing
chemotherapy,had chest pains which were checked on X-ray and EKG but
pooh-poohed as not showing any significant problem. But by end of
chemotherapy,my wife -more aware than I,who simply felt very very
tired-observed that I was moribund. On arriving at Henderson
Hospital,Hamilton,Ontario for my radiation treatment,the radiologist,God
bless him,gave me a thorough physical check on the spot and ordered me
straight into hospital. Where it was found I had 3 emboli situated around
my aorta/heart,which had likely migrated from clots in my lower leg
and..though nobody was prepared to say this,due to chemotherapy. Checking
on the previous X rays showed emboli clearly,so they had been badly
missed.I felt I had a 50/50 chance. My wife was told,in confidence by the
doctors in charge,that I had a 10 per cent chance of survival. I was
unaware of this at the time,so my poor wife suffered from anticipating
that any day when she arrived to visit during a long three weeks,I would
have departed.  I recovered and went on to successful radiation. Have been
in remission ever since. However,when I came out of hospital that time,my
feet had lost sensation and were like blocks of ice..I have recovered
sensation since,but not fully,and have always since then experienced
difficulty in balancing e.g.standing on one foot even briefly. Continue to
wear surgical stockings/hose,and examination of my feet suggests I have
developed a kind of varicose-looking alternative pathway of circulation.
So your friend may indeed have developed neuropathy as a consequence of
circulation change etc.due to the very powerful and toxic drugs used in
chemotherapy. Hope this helps
Griff Morgan
Grizzled Citizen/Citoyen Vieillard

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