Post Hemmorhagic CVA Rehabilitation

Sybil Ingram-Muhammad, MBA singram at hlinkinc.com
Sun Dec 28 01:52:51 EST 1997

Dear Sirs/Madams

I am interested in finding out any innovative therapies available for
left thalmic intraventricula hemmorhagic stoke victims. My mother had
one of these two years ago, received 6mg total over the course of the
initial 72 hours of TPA survived and now exists in a non-vegitative,
non-ventilator dependent state. However, she is far from being as
rehabilitated as she could be. I would appresciate any non-traditional
methods you would suggest that I investigate in her behalf. She is a 66
year old, black female, hypertensive, has status asthmatics, is on 12
medications daily, has some problems with balance, persaveration and
conflaguration, is confused, disoriented at times but is ambulatory,
conversive and can perform ADLs with a bit of cueing.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
enlghtened at aol.com or singram at hlinkinc.com

Sybil Ingram-Muhammad, MBA
1-800-324-1359 x 65

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