IMPORTANT: Robert Cohen exposes the bovine growth hormone on national TV - don't miss this one! (fwd)9:00 A.M. Mon, New York Time

Betty Martini betty at noel.pd.org
Mon Dec 29 01:54:20 EST 1997

Robert Cohen, author of MILK: The Deadly Poison (see web page below my
signature) will be discussing his book on Monday, Dec. 29 on Fox News
Cable Network at 9:00 A.M., National Health Show

By satellite from Wisconsin  a DIETITIAN.  Remember that the dietitians,
the American Dietetic Association, are funded by Monsanto, and are often
called their media flaks.  During milk spills throughout the nation over
two years ago, dietitians showed up to defend Monsanto.  Here in
Atlanta one drove up in her white Mercedes screaming "its safe, its safe".
When I asked her if she had read Monsanto's 53,000 pages or even the label
on Prosilac she said "no".  

Here in Atlanta an article was written titled UDDER MAYHEM by Randall
Osborne which stated:

"Activists say BG treated milk spurs tumor growth and leukemia in humans,
but the agent was approved for use one year ago.  Protesters gathered in
cities across the nation Friday.  In some, they met spokespersons from the
American Dietetic Association (ADA) which says BGH is harmless.  The ADA
is partly funded by Monsanto."

"A journalist friend of Martini's mysteriously dressed as a potato
(against genetic engineering) traded words with an ADA rep in Chicago.
Martini ended up doing the same here." 

"I normally do not raise my voice," says Martini. "But she wouldn't shut
up so they could hear the other side.  TV cameras rolled as the two camps
faced off."

"Ronnie Cummings, director of the Pure Food Campaign in Washington, D.C.,
says BGH is causing economic as well as health problems."...

The article goes on to say the BGH threat to health was thinly disgused in
I Love Trouble, a Nick Nolte - Julia Roberts movie about rival reporters
going after the same story.  Then ends by saying "Martini says ....."The
world doesn't know we've got a cancer accelerator in milk."

Will the dietitian really show?  Tune in and see.  And be sure to spread
the word on all lists and in news group.  

Whey to go, Robert!!!!!!!!!!!!

Betty Martini, Founder
Mission Possible International

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