Neuroscience Post-Doctoral Position

Mark W Nowak nowakm at musc.edu
Tue Dec 30 06:40:56 EST 1997

Neuroscience Post-Doctoral Position

A post-doctoral position is immediately available for a candidate (must be
a US citizen or permanent resident) with a strong background in 
electrophysiological recording from mammalian cells, neuronal cultures and 
slices (both whole cell and single-channel recording techniques).  Studies 
will examine the role of nAChRs and other ligand-gated ion channels in 
mediating the effects of nicotine and ethanol by employing viral-mediated 
gene expression methodologies.   These in vitro studies will provide a 
foundation for in vivo expression studies using mouse behavioral models of 
nicotine- and ethanol-dependence.  The overall aim is to understand how 
changes in ion channel function at the cellular level are related to 
drug-seeking behavior. 

My laboratory contains a 1) mammalian cell/neuron electrophysiology rig,
2) whole-cell Xenopus  oocyte rig, 3) tissue culture facility and 4)
molecular biology facility.  The candidate will have the opportunity to
apply his/her existing knowledge of ion channel function in collaborative
projects with researchers employing animal models of drug-dependence. 

My laboratory is located in The Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs 
(CDAP) within the Institute of Psychiatry at the Medical University of
South Carolina.  CDAP integrates the latest basic and clinical advances in
alcohol and drug abuse research with direct patient care and education.  Thus, the 
candidate will have a unique opportunity to interact with pre-clinical and 
clinical researchers in the area of drug-dependence.  In addition, I have
a joint appointment in the Department of Cell and Molecular Pharmacology 
and Experimental Therapeutics where there is an emphasis on signal 
transduction research. 

Candidates should send a CV and a brief statement of research interests

Dr. Mark W. Nowak
Room 461N, Institute of Psychiatry
171 Ashley Avenue
Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, SC 29425 

E-mail address: nowakm at musc.edu

MUSC is an equal opportunity employer.

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