Limbic System interacting with the Cerebellum

Dan Sargeant yku02003 at yorku.ca
Wed Dec 31 10:07:00 EST 1997

Hi all,

I am interested in answering:

"In what ways does the limbic system interacts with the cerebellum."

Information regarding websites, journals, books etc would be much
appreciated.  I am not a science person I am actually a musician who
would like to know more about how the limbic system interacts with the
cerebellum in activities where there is some form of rhythm involved.
At this point I would appreciate any information at all regarding where
to do preliminary research.  This includes answering:

"What type of undergraduate textbooks such as anatomy or physiology
would I look in?"
"Is this a specialized subject that would not be in texts such as
"Would this be covered in a primer on neuroscience if such a thing

I have taken two undergraduate courses that covered introductory brain
physiology in a global fashion. Thus my background is somewhat sparse.

Thanks for any info...

Daniel Sargeant
mailto:yku02003 at yorku.ca    You can use this email address if possible.

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