New Scientist Piece Reviewed:Limit to Brain Size

G K GRAY gord at homostudy.win-uk.net
Sat Feb 1 04:58:30 EST 1997

In article <32edffd0.534766 at news.twics.com>, Claudo de Contrecoeur* (cyrano at beehive.twics.com) writes:
>>From New Scientist:         My comments are not indented.
>>              [P L A N E T   S C I E N C E]
>>         End of the road for brain evolution
>This is quite interesting reading as I often wondered what is the
>ultimate size a brain could reach and still work properly.
>For instance I was thinking on the possibility that Evolution 
>could have created,on other planets,more advanced life forms who would
>modify their own brain through a science(which we do not yet have)I
>call "Neuromorphogenetics".
>If such ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligences.See:Carl Sagan)exist I
>wondered that one thing they would obviously study is how to
>complexify their brains.

Lest we get carried away chasing up a blind alley and have to
retrace our steps - what is an organised society if it is not an
organism communicating within itself by the same unifying principles
anabolism,catabolism and reaching conclusions and acting upon as we
see in the individual. Surely the "giant brain" already exists but
we are such egoists that most of us can't see the forest for the
 Cheers! Gord 

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