New Scientist Piece Reviewed:Limit to Brain Size

Peter Burke peter at pfcb.zynet.co.uk
Fri Feb 7 23:45:17 EST 1997

Claudo de Contrecoeur wrote {in part)..

<For instance I was thinking on the possibility that Evolution
<could have created,on other planets,more advanced life forms who would
<modify their own brain through a science(which we do not yet have)I
<call "Neuromorphogenetics".

<If such ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligences.See:Carl Sagan)exist I
<wondered that one thing they would obviously study is how to
<complexify their brains.

<These big brains would be connected to non-biological systems in order
<to make them able to act onto reality.

Sounds like the internet:-).

Peter Burke

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