OHI vs Traumatic Brain Injury -- it does matter

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Sun Feb 9 23:56:50 EST 1997

Have you talked to people at the Ohio Head Injury Association?  Don't
know of email, but phone is: (614) 481-7100
               or (in state) (800) 686-9563

If "local" rules/practices vary and are fixed, Ohio group should be
better source than others, but maybe for comparison you might want to
check with BIANY (Brain Injury Association of NY state):
                           (518) 459-7911
For benefit of any readers calling within NY: (800) 228-8201.

Head trauma often involves some anoxia, neuroimmunological reactions to
trauma and anoxia are the same, and at my hospital anoxic patients are
admitted to the head injury unit--but I'm not sure logic is relevant to
"officials", so see what you can learn from various state groups.

Frank LeFever
New York Neuropsychology Group

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>>Michael Z wrote:
>>> The state of Ohio has a SpEd category of TBI. Yet we are being told
>>> brain injury is not a traumatic brain injury. Our Nuero and
>>> believe anoxia is being excluded; same range of potential symptoms,
>>> range of rehab concepts.
>>Your daughter qualifies for SpEd under a variety of disability areas,
>>specifically Learning Disabled (LD) and Physically or Otherwise
>>Impaired (POHI).  
>>It shouldn't make any difference that she cannot be certified TBI. 
Get her
>>into the system, then construct the IEP (individual educational plan)
>>address her needs.  My suggestion is that she be certified POHI,
>We are both special education teachers. By being TBI, she can move to
>program that best meets her needs as they change, which is common in
>victims. Furthermore, she is completely health recovered, including
her heart. 
>Why should she then be considered health impaired. All of the symptoms
>TBI are those Chris has; memory, learning difficulties, motor planning

>problems etc.  If not TBI, whenever she needs a different program she
>require a new evaluation. More importantly, this damn brain injury is
>altered a normal life. Does she not at the least have the right to
have it 
>recognized?? She currently is in a MH program, after having been in an

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