Alzheimer's Disease - A Carer's Guide

Sohail Mohideen sohail.mohideen at hcn.net.au
Wed Feb 12 01:24:06 EST 1997


I just thought I would inform you of a brilliant new publication which
is available on the net. "Alzheimer's Disease - A Carer's Guide", is an
informative and compassionate book which helps carers of alzheimer's
disease come to grips with the burden of looking after a loved one who
is afflicted by this illness.  It provides an in-depth discussion of the
stages of this illness, their various causes, symptoms and how to deal
with them. The book has an interesting blend of both compassion and
practicality, the two main features which are essential in effectively
caring for someone with this unfortunate disease. 
The cost of the book is A$7.95 and is available both on-line and in its
paper version. For more information on this book, there is a contents
page at:


To read the blurb for this publication, one can go to:


Hope this information is of some use.

Wishing you all the best,
Sohail Mohideen

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