More Co2 = less brains?

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>Higher %CO2 in atmosphere will acidify blood only when atmospheric %CO2 will 
>influence %CO2 in blood. But, seems unlikely to happen, %CO2 being determined by 
> production of CO2 in body! Lungs are important in clearing blood-CO2, not in 
>taking it. At least, this holds for appr. normal atm. %C02, say .05%. Tenfold 
>increase of  CO2 would NOT seriously effect bl %CO2 NOR atm %O2.  

A *TEN* fold increase would NOT seriously affect blood CO2?  Are you 
sure?  The PCO2 in atmosphere would affect the alveolar (lung) CO2.  
Changing this in any way changes the rate at which blood CO2 can diffuse 
across the alveolar membrane and hence th body's ability to rid itself of 
excess CO2.  This is determined by the partial pressures of CO2 in blood 
AND lung.  I don't know how well ventillation and the body's buffering 
mechanisms could cope with the increased acidity which IS bound to occur 
in the face of a TEN fold increase in atmospheric CO2 levels.  We really 
need a respiratory physiologist here though.  I think they would be able 
to clear this up without much difficulty.

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