Alleged "Ufo" "Abductions" are only HALLUCINATIONS.

Vince, The GREY master Pagan1 at pagan1.demon.co.uk
Sun Feb 16 16:15:43 EST 1997

In article <1T0RlAAAgzBzEwKn at casado.demon.co.uk>, Ted
<Ted at casado.demon.co.uk> writes
>>Live long and perspire...
>--If cows have asses, do asses have cows?
>Mr Ed    
Only the totally liberated ones...
Vince, The GREY master,

Long long ago  in a place not unlike this place 
was a thing not unlike this thing..
See things never change.....
Yes matron I'll have my medication now....
Not the pepper enema AGAIN...OOOOOOOOOhhhh

Live Long and perspire.
Use the Force Luke..if that don't work kick it!
I married a cylone...'by your command'

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