largest cell on Earth?

John E. Anderson jander at OSPREY.UNF.EDU
Tue Feb 18 10:03:03 EST 1997

Kevin Shreder wrote:
> Does anyone know what the largest cell on Earth is?  Is it an ovum, nerve cell or a microbe?
> Also what species does it belong to?

Several years ago, there was a news article in Science (maybe Nature)
about a certain type of cell -- some sort of fungus, I think -- which
lives underground in the root system of certain trees in north-central
North America (I think).  This cell, according to the article, spreads
over a very large area, I mean like several hundred feet!  Sorry I can't
remember more, and I couldn't find it in Medline (not surprising). 
Maybe someone else recalls hearing about this.  

John E. Anderson
jander at unf.edu

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