When does a fetus become a person?

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> This debate is interesting.  We have already used the EEG as a
> definition of "death" in the brain death statutes; if there is no EEG
> activity, then there is brain death.  If we stay consistent, we should
> consider that a fetal EEG can be measured at about 8 weeks, and thus,
> the fetus is "brain alive" at that point.  Since the fetus is
> unmistakably human, the "conclusion" could be that abortion after 8
> weeks is homicide.

Is it possible to have EEG activity and the person be dead? 

Also, I don't think this conclusion is entirely correct. You are assuming
that birth and death are simetric situations. And they are not. For
instance, while development of a person takes several months or years,
death could take only a minute.

Thank you!

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