Spinal Injury / Lack of Sensation during Ejaculation

Reese AA reeseaa at aol.com
Wed Feb 19 23:14:25 EST 1997

     I am a 47 yr old, white male, married with one son.  
     In 1992, I had two automobile accidents ... one in March and the
other in November.  Both of them were serious accidents and both of them
occured with me being hit from behind. 
     I was completely impotent for several weeks following each accident. 
I was slower to recover to erections after the second accident.
     I received physical therapy for about 3 months after the first
accident.  After the second accident, I received physical therapy for
approx. 3 months and chiropractic therapy for 5 months.
     Ever since the first accident, I have had the problem of little or no
sensation (orgasm) at the point of ejaculation during normal sexual
relations with my wife.  I am able to obtain normal erections and
ejaculate normally.  However, I rarely have the sensation which normally
accompanies ejaculation.  If any at all, it is greatly diminished.
     When I mentioned the problem to my primary care physician, he first
sent me to a psychiatrist who concluded that it was not a mental /
emotional problem ... but was physical and had something to do with damage
to the pudendal nerve.  The psychiatrist sent me to a urologist who
wondered why I was complaining since I could have erections and
     I don't know how personal I dare to get ... but I've already got my
pants down so to speak ... so I'll spill the rest of it.  While I dearly
love my wife and find her very attractive, I have been so unsatisfied
sexually that I've resorted to masturbation which is usually accompanied
by a more near-normal sensation of orgasm.
     By sheer experience, I have concluded that the thrusts associated
with normal sexual relations have the effect of deadening my sensations
... while I do not thrust (move my back) during masturbation.
     So, I guess I have a few questions.  First, is it possible that the
multiple spinal chord injuries I received 1992 are responsible for my lack
of sensation during sex?
     Secondly, is there a therapy available to correct or improve this
situation?  I would be open to nearly any legitimate suggestion ... even
alternative medicine.
     Thirdly, is there a name for this condition ... which I could use to
access further information on newsgroups and over the internet, etc.?

     I would be happy to correspond with other men who have a similar
experience ... especially those who have found some solution or treatment.
     Please respond to me by e-mail:  reeseaa at aol.com

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