osmolarity in solutions (patch clamp)

Luke Scicluna scicluna at pyl.unibe.ch
Fri Feb 28 14:28:16 EST 1997

Could anyone please enlighten me on a piont.  I am patch clamping 
(perforated patch) spinal neurons but am not sure of one aspect that 
is should the patch solution and the perfusion solution have differing 
osmolaties (I was told so but am not sure of the reason).  At present 
I use both solutions with an osmolatiy of 310.  I have not been able 
to find any info. on this, could someone direct me to such 
information.  I am new to the field and therefore am probably search 
in the wrong direction (tried several books and a literature serach to 
know avail).
	Thanks for any possible assistance.

Luke Scicluna
Institue of Physiology
Univesity of Bern
CH-3012 Bern

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