"Brain freeze"?

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Fri Feb 28 17:37:45 EST 1997

Excerpts from netnews.bionet.neuroscience: 28-Feb-97 "Brain freeze"? by
CASSIDY-FELTGEN at worldnet 
>Can anyone tell me what mechanism causes the rapid, brief headache pain 
>when a cold substance is ingested quickly?  Related to this is my 
>question regarding the brain not sensing pain during brain surgery, but 
>a person's perception of headaches as localized pain within the brain?
>Is this a paradox or are headaches not actually occuring within the 

It is not the brain that is sensing the pain...

It has something to do with paranasal air sinuses.  That is where you
get the stimulus for pain.  It is not the "brain" feeling pain because
the brain has no sense for pain.

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