Looking for WPI manual: DVC100, ~1983 era

David Parsons dparsons at med.unc.edu
Thu Jan 2 15:52:53 EST 1997

Hoping that someone out there has retained a copy of the manual for this
beast - an early voltage clamp unit:  Tag oin back says Model DVC #1001.
S/N 173-122.  
It had an external power source - the only cable out of the box is one
that terminates (into the power source I guess) using one of the WPI
blue and silver 7-pin plugs with the rotating collar. I don't have the
power source but it's a +/- 15V supply (as noted from the circuit

I just want to use it as an accurate millivoltmeter, which would be fine
according to WPI.  

Unfortunately they do not have any documentation back that far (Hmmm. )

I'm about to leave the country so if anyone in the Research Triangle
region in NC,USA has a manual I can try to catch up, 
Otherwise I will be happy to reimburse if a copy could be sent to me - 
please reply to dparsons at med.unc.edu 
or     dparsons at medicine.adelaide.edu au


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Cystic Fibrosis / Pulmonary Research & Treatment Center, 
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