MRI on the WWW: morbid curiosity!

Robert Steven steven at MSHRI.ON.CA
Fri Jan 3 11:09:08 EST 1997

>On Wed, 1 Jan 1997, clara wrote:
>> I have MS and am in possession one of my own MRI head scans.  My neuro
>> nurse mentioned to me when I last saw her that - apparently - an
>> executed prisoner in the US "donated" his body to medics, who did an MRI
>> scan of it and put it on the WWW.
>I think you are referring to the Visible Human Project. It wasn't MRI,
>though, it was strictly freezy-freezy, slicey-slicey. Camera on top. I
>think Voxelman can render the VH data sets (at least they say it on some
>site of theirs). I heard it rumored the homicidal (he looks it, too, every
>inch) Adam will soon have an equally bad, bad Eve (but in better
>resolution, and technicolor ;) to join him in the virtual Valhal.
>> Does anyone know the page?  I find the results of MRI scans fascinating


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