Increase the surface tension of water

The Gray Dragon graydragon at poetic.com
Thu Jan 9 05:58:00 EST 1997

David S Chesler wrote:
> In article <AEF86B1896685CC60 at cara.demon.co.uk>,
> Peter Ceresole <peter at cara.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> >In the summer of course the job was different; then, as I decribed here
> >before, we would go round at night with special rollers to rectify glass
> >(which as everyone knows is a supercooled liquid which flows more quickly
> >at summer temperatures) which had slumped under the influence of gravity
> >and so distorted the view of the display.
>  This is probably something I should do for my windows when I put up
> the screens this year, but I don't know if I can use the regular tools.
> Does anybody know where I could find a left-handed squeegee and roller
> set?
At your local hardware store. On the same isle as the board stretchers
and sheet-rock benders. Glad I could help.

The Gray Dragon

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