C-spine bone spurs/bulging discs/compression

GOODBASE goodbase at aol.com
Sun Jan 12 14:41:04 EST 1997

In reply to your question, if anyone else has them, the answer is yes.  I
have had 
problems since an accident 6 years ago.  Aside from the regional neck
pain, I get
excruciating headaches in the occipital and temporal regions.  I have been
nerve blocks on the head and trigger point injections in the neck, which
sometimes help, but after an MRI last week showed a little more
degenerative change my
neurologist decided to send me to a specialized pain clinic where an 
aneasthesiologist is going to do deep nerve blocks off C1 ,2 and 3.  I
don't know about these!  I don't like the sound of anything in my spine! 
I'm on the net today trying to find information on the blocks.  I haven't
found anything yet.  As far as
I know the bone spurs are the arthritis forming, and the bulging can press
on nerves
which can cause pain and sometimes I'll get a little weakness on my right
arm, if
that nerve is getting pushed.  I wwent to orthopedic's for awhile but I
have really
found The Texas Headache Institute alot more helpful and understanding.  I
have also done physical therapy which helps a great deal. 
I don't know if I have been of any help to you but, I do understand the
problem from
a personal layman's perspective.  I know it can be frustrating!

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