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Madhusudan Natarajan nutty at brain
Mon Jan 20 20:32:10 EST 1997

	I'm a newbie to neuroscience and have just started work in an 
electrophysiology lab. at NWU. I've had no formal introduction to 
neuroscience and am just starting to discover this huge field. As 
additional reading, I'm trying to get a list of papers which I guess 
would be considered SEMINAL to this field so that I can get a brush up on 
the history as well as famiarity with the techniques employed initially 
in making some of these discoveries. While the regular course work offers 
detail on the actual processes and procedures, I wonder on the 
applicability to development of research-oriented lines of thinking.
(All arguments on textbooks vs. papers // courses vs. hands on research etc.)

	To cut a long story short, I was hoping for suggestions on what
(papers) people consider "extremely important" that every student of
neuroscience should be aware of. Something on the lines of say, the
Hodgkin and katz paper on sodium conduction in squid giant motor neurons
etc. Would that be a good starting point? 

Also, this can form the basis of a discussion or a journal club right 
here on the ngs that can be very informative to newbies while old hands 
can walk down memory lane :-)

If people can just give me names and an approximate year or journal, I can
search these up (maybe read and post up a list of methods/salient points
-- open for discussion??), and if necessary put these up in an archive of
some sort, which other students can access or can be used as a pointer to
information for all the students who keep coming up with some standard
(almost stereotyped questions). Any form of communication (email, ngs,
phone,snail mail) welcome. Also if anybody thinks that the archive is a
good idea, please let me know. It should not be too difficult to make, but
I dont want to do something that nobody will ever access. 

Sorry for the long posting. Please kill my mesg on any followups to 
enhance readability. Thanx.

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