Question About Electric Shock

Alan Fried albe at worldnet.att.net
Sat Jan 25 09:37:05 EST 1997

mike at nal.go.jp (Michael Neish) wrote:

>First of all I would like to know whether anyone who reads this message
>has had a similar experience to mine. I would also appreciate any
>explanation as to how such a small lighter could bring about such a
>violent reaction. Also, could anyone tell me whether there are exists the
>possiblility of any neurological damage from this.

>Replies by E-mail, please, since I don't think this is of general interest!

Hi Mike

On the contrary this is of general interest. Please give us more details and how it effected you. This is a neuroscience
group and thats what we're interested in. Don't be ashamed.

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