QUERY: 3D brain viewing package

Stuart Feerick smf26 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Jul 1 08:19:15 EST 1997


we're doing some work on receptor localisation in the brain, and we have a
bunch (~20) of contiguous sections.  It would be nice if we could take a
brain atlas, scan in the relevant sections, and then add our receptor data
over the top, and be able to view the whole thing in 3D.

Does anyone know of any software or library routines that would be able to
do this.  We have access to Mac, Pc, VAX and Unix machines.

Thank you in advance, stuart
Stuart Feerick, Trinity Hall, Cambridge CB2 1TJ
Work: +44(1223) 832312 x.515   smf26 at cam.ac.uk
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