Dr. Barry Sterman Joins AquaThought Labs as Director of Clinical Applications

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June 26, 1997

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             Dr. Barry Sterman Joins AquaThought Labs as
             Director of Clinical Applications

(Ft. Myers, FL) - Maurice (Barry) Sterman, Ph.D., is presently a Professor
in the Departments of Neurobiology and Biobehavioral Psychiatry at the
School of Medicine, UCLA. He served as Chief, Neuropsychology
Research at the Veterans Administration Medical Center, Sepulveda,
California for over 35 years, and was appointed Career Scientist by the
Veterans Administration for the past 18 years. Dr. Sterman originally
conducted neurophysiological studies of the basal forebrain area of the
mammalian forebrain, and was among the first to draw attention to its
important sleep regulation functions. He also led a team of investigators
an extensive NIH-supported effort to describe normal sleep development in
the human infant as a basis for examining potential abnormalities related
the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. He later described the sensorimotor
EEG rhythm (SMR) and its neurophysiological relevance in animal studies,
and pioneered its learned regulation through EEG biofeedback training in
both animals and humans. This work launched EEG neurotherapy with the
application of SMR training as an alternative treatment for human seizure
disorders. His current professional focus is on advancement of the methods
and concepts underlying topographic quantitative EEG analysis and
neurofeedback applications. 

As Director of Clinical Applications at AquaThought Labs, Dr. Sterman is
committed to advancing Mindset, AquaThought's Neuromapping EEG, as
the reference standard in topographic neurometrics. "Dr. Sterman's driving
force to advance Electroencephalographic science is a perfect marriage to
AquaThought's commitment to produce the most cost affective and flexible
EEG tool on the market," said David Cole, President of AquaThought Labs. 

AquaThought Labs was formed in 1996 as a licensing body for the products
and technologies of the Aqua-thought Foundation, a private research
organization which studies human dolphin interaction. Resultant
AquaThought Labs products include Mindset and Cyberfin, an immersive
dolphin encounter simulator. 

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