traumatic carotid dissection

Alan Fried albe at worldnet.att.net
Thu Jul 3 17:43:24 EST 1997

27bseau at one.net.au wrote:

>Retrograde thrombus from the site of the axillary pseudoaneurym is and
>unlikely explanation for the stroke.  I am wondering whether there may be
>a connection between the physiotherapy exercises together with the
>history of pain (and inflammation) which may have aggravated an otherwise
>benign injury to the intima suffered during the original accident.

If there was a pseudoaneurysym then is it unlikelly that the  culprit wasn't aretrograde thrombus? A far as physiotherapy is
concerned, this poor fellow would have been using his arm one day whether it be shaving, lifting
an object, turning a light on etc and the stroke would have occurred. The problem was the undiagnosed pseudoaneurysm.
If what you say is true, this poor guy as a good case for a lawsuit.

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