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Jim Kohl jkohl at vegas.infi.net
Sat Jul 5 01:49:08 EST 1997

F. Frank LeFever wrote:

> Howabout enhanced potential to
> respond erotically to male pheromones?  Nice thing about this is that
> it is closer to known gene functions (i.e. influencing biochemical
> activity) than some behaviorally more complex possibilities. 
There remains the possibility that
(1) a "gay" gene could influence
(2) development of interstitial nuclei of the anterior hypothalamus

and that

(3) these nuclei would contribute either directly or via feedback
mechanisms to
(4) hypothalamic gonadotropin-releasing hormone pulsatility


(5) directs gonadotropin pulsatility and thus steroidogenesis

and that

(6) steroidogenic effects on olfactory/vomeronasal receptors could
effect a gonadotropin releasing hormone-directed neuroendocrine
response associated with chemosensory input and sexual orientation.

If so, a genetic predisposition would be influenced by social-environmental
stimuli (pheromones) throughout the concurrent maturation of the
neuroendocrine, reproductive, and central nervous systems, thus linking
the nature (e.g., genes) and nurture (e.g., social environment) that lead
to the development of sexual orientation.

Jim Kohl

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