Papers, graphs, data, code: Statistical mechanics modelling of EEG

Lester Ingber ingber at ingber.com
Sun Jul 6 10:01:49 EST 1997

The following papers, graphs, data, and code may be downloaded:

   smni97_cmi.ps.Z [170K]
          %A L. Ingber
          %T Statistical mechanics of neocortical interactions: Canonical
             momenta indicators of electroencephalography
          %J Physical Review E
          %V 55
          %N 4
          %P 4578-4593
          %D 1997
          %O URL http://www.ingber.com/smni97_cmi.ps.Z
   smni97_cmi_test.ps.Z [180K]
          %A L. Ingber
          %T Statistical mechanics of neocortical interactions: Training
             and testing canonical momenta indicators of EEG
          %J Mathematical Computer Modelling
          %P (to be published)
          %D 1997
          %O URL http://www.ingber.com/smni97_cmi_test.ps.Z

          Additional results (tables of ASA-fitted parameters and 60
          files containing 240 PostScript graphs) are contained in
          http://www.ingber.com/MISC.DIR/smni97_eeg_cmi.tar.Z [440K].
          Raw EEG data used for this study can be freely downloaded, as
          described in http://www.ingber.com/smni_eeg_data.html

This adaptive simulated annealing (ASA) application to EEG analysis is
one of several ASA applications being prepared for the SPEC (Standard
Performance Evaluation Corporation) CPU98 suite.  Eventually the code
used to perform these calculations will be published on a CDROM by

The ASA code is publicly available at no charge from
A complete homepage is mirrored on

Code and reprints can be retrieved via anonymous FTP from
ftp.ingber.com.  See the ASCII-formatted homepage, 00index, for
available files:
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Limited help assisting people with queries on my codes and papers is
available only by electronic mail correspondence.  Sorry, I cannot mail
out hardcopies of code or papers.

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