New webpage

Eliana Quintero eli at ACCEFYN.ORG.CO
Sun Jul 6 14:00:31 EST 1997

I have a Neuropsychology Webpage at
http://www.accefyn.org.co/hmc/hmc2.htm and a Neurosciences too
http://www.accefyn.org.co/hmc/neuroc~1.htm they are written in
spanish, and are one of the first ones in this language, the first has
features on Neuropsychology, but my goal is to have more than just
general things, I would like to invite all of you to give me ideas about
how to keep developing this site with more useful information and
services, it has no commercial prupouses, if some of u want will be
wellcome and ideas r going to be well aceppted. thanks again and let me
know wht you think about the site, it is possible to transalete it to
english, I want to have more scientific information, more specific, in
english or in spanish. thanks again. bye, hope you all like it.:-)

Eliana Quintero
eli at accefyn.org.co

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