Beef smuggle from Britain to Europe

schultz at zapf.fb15.uni-dortmund.de schultz at zapf.fb15.uni-dortmund.de
Mon Jul 7 15:55:41 EST 1997

My name is Nora Schultz and I am a journalist currently carrying out an
online-research about the beef smuggle from Britain to other European and
non-European countries that was covered by the media last week.

It is very important for me to find out about the possibilities of online-
research, especially as additional information is concerned. I would
therefore be very grateful if you could help me by letting me know if you
have information on any of the following questions:

1) How much beef was smuggled, from where to where and when?
2) Who smuggled the beef and who else is involved in the smuggle?
3) How was the beef smuggled and how was it possible to get around the
4) How was the smuggle discovered, who discovered it and what happened
5) Where is the beef now, what will happen next and what danger is there
for the population?
6) Where did you get the information on any of the above questions and who
could have additional information?

I am thankful for any piece of information, any comments and for every
link to other inforamtion sources. However, to carry out my research
successfully it is important that you e-mail me your answers until
Thursday, 10/7/97.

Thank you very much in advance,

Nora Schultz

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