St. Moritz meeting (Growth & Death in the nervous system)

Prof. Adriano Aguzzi adriano at pathol.unizh.ch
Mon Jul 7 11:33:29 EST 1997

Dear Colleagues,

Here I would like to give you some information on the 
XVII meeting of the Swiss Society of Neuropathology, 
which will take place in St. Moritz (one of the most 
famous Swiss skiing resorts) in March 14-18th, 1998. 
This venue sports a 30-year-old tradition of bringing 
together neuropathologists, neuro-clinicians, and 
neuroscientists interested in disease mechanisms. 
We specifically welcome the participation of "Aerzte im 
Praktikum", medical students and PhD students, who will 
enjoy a  50% discount on the registration fee (details 

In order to foster intense communication in-house and on 
the skiing slopes, the meeting will be residential at the 
following address: 
  Hotel Laudinella 
  Address/Adresse: 7500 St. Moritz
  Telephone: ++41-81-832 21 31
  Telefax:   ++41-81-833 57 01 

Main topic will be "Growth and Death in the Nervous 
System". We will have sessions on experimental and 
clinical neurooncology, on the genetics of neural cancer, 
on neurodegeneration, on prion diseases, and on 
neuroinflammatory diseases. 

Down this very long e-mail message, you can find the 
following items:

1. How to get more information about this meeting
2. How to register
3. How to submit abstracts (for oral or poster
4. A preliminary program
5. How to reach St. Moritz
6. Legal stuff (deadlines, reimbursement etc.)
7. Acknowledgments

I sincerely hope to welcome you in St. Moritz.
With best regards

Adriano Aguzzi, M.D., MRCPath
Professor of Neuropathology and Head, Inst. of 
University Hospital of Zurich, Schmelzbergstrasse 12
CH-8091 Zurich, Switzerland
Tel. ++41-1-2552107, fax ++41-1-2554402

1. How to get more information about this meeting

At the bottom of this e-mail you will find a preliminary 
program, along with the list of plenary speakers who have 
confirmed their participation. 
More detailed information on the venue, on St. Moritz, 
and on the skiing conditions (including live camera 
pictures from the neighbouring mountains updated several 
times per day) can be found at our web site with the 
following address:

If you wish us to mail information to you via regular 
"sneak mail" (including a poster announcing the meeting), 
please fill the form here and e-mail it back to us:

First and Middle Name: 
Family Name: : 
ZIP code: 
City (+ state for USA): 
International dial code: 
City dial code: 
Phone no.: 
Fax No.: 

2. How to register

The easiest way is to register on-line through our web 
site at address 

The web site mentioned above contains detailed 
information on the venue, on St. Moritz, and on the 
skiing conditions (including live camera pictures from 
the neighbouring mountains updated several times per 

In case you have any problems, or need clarifications, 
feel free to e-mail me to the following address: 
adriano at pathol.unizh.ch

Alternatively, (but somewhat less conveniently)you can fill 
the following fields of e-mail registration 
form found below here, and e-mail it back to us! 
This way you can be sure that there will be 
no transcription mistakes. 

Finally (but much less conveniently), you can print out the e-
mail registration form, and fax (or send) it to us at the 
following number: 
+41-1-255 4402

Registration will be confirmed by our office via regular 
mail, as soon as the due amount of fees (for 
registration, accommodation etc.) is remitted. 

- We strongly favor payment via credit card 
(Euro/Master/VISA). However, we should alert you of 
the (slight) possibility that some malicious hackers 
may intercept the e-mail and misuse your card 
information. We believe that this is even less likely 
than the chance of developing e.g. Creutzfeldt-Jakob 
disease after consumption of beef, but we cannot take 
responsibility for it. 
- Alternatively, you can send us a cheque. For 
Eurocheques there is no charge, but our bank charges 
SFr. 20 for all other bank cheques (which, we agree 
with you, is outrageous but inevitable), and which 
you need to add to the total fee. 
- Finally, you can remit a direct bank wire transfer to 
the following account: 1103-0021.713, Zürcher 
Kantonalbank, Filiale Limmatquai (Clearing No.703), 
CH-8025 Zürich (Keyword: NP/KONGRESS St. MORITZ)
- If you decide to send us a cheque or perform a wire 
transfer, we will be able to confirm registration only 
after receipt of proof of payment by regular mail.

Below is the registration form. If you decide to register 
by e-mail (rather than by using the web site registration 
at http://www.unizh.ch/pathol/neuropath/StMoritz98/neuro17a.html),  please 
fill every field by typing right after each semicolon. Do 
not change or delete any item to the left of the 
semicolons, lest our electronic processing system will 
not work properly.

IMPORTANT: If you are registering more than one person 
(e.g. an accompanying person, or a co-worker), please 
fill and e-mail one registration form for each individual 
person to be registered.

************** BEGIN OF REGISTRATION FORM ************
First and middle name: 
Family (last) name: 
Gender (M/F): 
ZIP code: 
City (+ state for USA): 
International dial code: 
City dial code: 
Phone no.: 
Fax No.: 

Registration (type "x" after the appropriate field)
- Regular, before Oct 31, 1997 (SFr. 200): 
- Student/AIP(send proof), before Oct 31, 1997 (SFr. 
- Accompanying, before Oct 31, 1997 (SFr. 20): 
- Regular, after Oct 31, 1997 (SFr. 250): 
- Student/AIP(send proof), after Oct 31, 1997 (SFr. 
- Accompanying, after Oct 31, 1997 (SFr. 50): 

Accommodation - 4 nights 14-18 March, including 
breakfast, tax, and many other goodies (brochure will be 
sent upon registration). (type "x" after the appropriate 
- single room "comfort"- LIMITED AVAILABILITY (SFr. 
- one bed in "comfort" double room (SFr. 440): 
- one bed in "comfort" triple room (SFr. 380): 
- single room "standard"- LIMITED AVAILABILITY (SFr. 
- one bed in "standard" double room (SFr. 380): 
- No accommodation requested (SFr. 0.00): 

Name of preferred roommate (if in double or triple room): 
Participation to social dinner - SFr. 60 (yes/no): 

Mode of payment (type "x" after the appropriate field)
 Payment by credit card (preferred)- yes/no: 
- card company (Euro/Master/VISA): 
- card number (xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx): 
- card exp. date (mm-yy): 
 Payment by cheque - yes/no: 
- Eurocheque (no fee): 
- Any other cheque (add 20 SFr. processing fee): 
 Payment by bank transfer - yes/no: 
(please send us proof of payment by mail) 
Total amount to be remitted: 
****************** END OF REGISTRATION FORM ************
3. How to submit abstracts
IMPORTANT: Deadline for submission is November 30th, 
- The language of the meeting is English. We will have 
both oral and poster sessions. Since we anticipate 
fierce competition for space in oral communications, 
oral format cannot be guaranteed in advance. If you 
submit an oral communication, you will be notified of 
acceptance before Dec. 31, 1997. In negative case, you 
will be given the option to present your work as a 
poster. At any rate, each participant can contribute 
only one oral communication (but an unlimited number 
of posters).
- Electronic submission of the abstract is imperative 
for acceptance and for inclusion in the abstract 
booklet. The preferred way to submit an abstract is to 
e-mail it as a fully formatted word processor file 
attachment to the following address: 
Adriano at pathol.unizh.ch 
- Alternatively (but less conveniently), you can submit 
a "text-only" (i.e. unformatted) abstract. You can 
include the text in the body of your e-mail, or submit 
through our web site 
- Whenever possible, the length of each abstract should 
not exceed 500 words (but we will not be fiscal about 
this). You are highly welcome to include figures and 
drawings into your abstracts, as long as these can be 
incorporated into a MS-Word or RTF document. We can 
read almost all popular word processor formats for 
Windows and for Macintosh. MS Word for Windows, or 
"Rich Text Format" (RTF), give the least problems and 
are preferred. 
- Posters can be up to 150cm high, but may not be wider 
than 80cm.
- Oral communications are limited to 10 minutes + 2 
minutes discussion. Session chairmen and chairwomen 
are empowered to implement this time limit, if need 
be, with brachial force.  

CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT: In addition to the abstract proper, 
you are required to fill the fields of the following 

Preferred format (oral/poster): 
********** END OF ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FORM **************

4. Preliminary program

5. How to reach St. Moritz 
The nearest airport is Zurich. Trains circulate between 
Zurich and St. Moritz hourly, and the trip Zurich-St. 
Moritz is approximately 3.5 hrs. The rail timetable can 
be consulted in the web at the following address: 
A return ticket from Zurich costs CHF. 109.00 (2nd class) 
or CHF 181.00 (1st class)(as of July 1997). 
The complete train schedule, and all international 
flights to Zurich, can be found at our web site 
Hotel Laudinella will provide free transportation from 
and to the train station upon advance notification. 
What happens if you need to cancel your registration and 
cannot come to the meeting? 

If cancellation is timely, your registration and 
accommodation fees will be refunded with the exception of 
our bank expenses. 
For late cancellation and "no show", fees will incur. 

Therefore, the policy outlined below will be applied:

- Cancellation before 30.10.97: 95% refund or higher. 
  A total of max. 5% of your remission must be held to 
  cover our bank and credit card costs. In certain cases, 
  bank costs will be less than 5%: we will then reimburse 
  you accordingly, and up to 100%. Under no circumstances 
  will reimbursement be less than 95%. 

- Cancellation on or after 30.10.97, but before 15.2.98: 
  80% refund

- Cancellation on or after 15.2.98, or "no show" at 
  meeting: regrettably in this case no refund is possible.

7. Acknowledgments

We are grateful to the following companies and 
institutions for financial support:
- Swiss National Foundation
- Novartis
- KGF Foundation Basel
- Boehringer Mannheim (Switzerland)
- Julius-Müller-Stiftung
- Glasmechanik
- Leitz

Prof. Adriano Aguzzi (MRCPath)
Institute of Neuropathology
University Hospital of Zürich
Schmelzbergstrasse 12
CH-8091 Zürich, Switzerland
Tel. ++41-1-255 2107 or 255 2869
Fax: ++41-1-255 4402
pager: ++41-1-255 1111, ask for 181 124 482
E-mail adriano at pathol.unizh.ch

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