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Matt Fraser mattf+ at pitt.edu
Thu Jul 10 16:45:20 EST 1997

On 10 Jul 1997, Robert Steven wrote:

> From the above web page:
>  List membership and posting privileges are by approval. This is a
> MODERATED list. Rude posts or responses, Creationism, Racism, and Bizarre
> Theories are not allowed and such posts will not be distributed to list
> members.
> No bizarre theories?! Good to see censorship is alive and well, even on the
> internet.

Hi Rob,

The reason is pretty simple.  Unlike the newsgroup, a mailing list goes to
your inbox.  As such, most don't want to have their inboxes filled with
the some of the things that you can find on Newsgroups.  I'm sure that you
know what I am talking about - alien brain sucking microbes, etc.
Moreover, the follow-up flames for the offending posts are no longer a
problem either.  Newsgroups don't come into your inbox, so in their case 
it is merely annoying. The censorship issue is one which is a free choice
of the list members - that is they know going in that it is; 1) a closed
list; and 2) moderated. They will not receive advertisements for
pornography websites, or ways to make BIG $$$$$. They'll just get
neuroscience.  Not so bad.

On many of the newsgroups you will find constant pleas for moderation, or 
formation of a list. Not sure why it is such a big deal that this list is




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