João Saraiva Pinto jp at teachers.org
Tue Jul 15 17:57:30 EST 1997

I have a son (16 months old) with problems. He made a RMI, and the report
said the
The study that was developed revealed a ventricular system with normal
morphological, topographical and volumetrical aspects.
Central malformation damages were not detected.
We noticed at the level of the white matter, areas which were essentially
deep and a predominance in the peri-trigonal regions of hypersinal in T2
and hyposinal in T1, with a diffuse and symetrical distribution. These
aspects can also be  seen in the dorsal part of the cerebral trunk. In
terms of myelination, these are areas that due to the age of the patient,
should present the hyposinal in T2,  this may correspnd to an illness of
the white matter that, due to the distribution of the referred  areas,
would be of the  demyelination type (enzimatic deficiency).
	On the other hand, and due to the non specific and not very marked aspects
that were found, and also to the fact that apart the terminal areas
(peri-trigonal region), the white matter has not attained it's complete
maturation before the end of a child's 2nd year. We suggest a reevaluation
of this case  by then, if found necessary.

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