Jim Kohl jkohl at vegas.infi.net
Wed Jul 16 00:07:53 EST 1997

Bradley Monroe Cooke wrote:

> And don't forget the role of norepinephrine in olfactory learning, which
> has been shown by Kendrick and Keverne to be important for pair-bonding in
> ewes.

Similarly, it is hard to dismiss the effect of mammalian, including human,
pheromones on gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH)-directed neuroendocrine
function, which correlates well with sexual behavior. But a fraction of
the GnRH decapeptide also appears to have direct effects--as a neurotransmitter.
This, in the absence of effect on the gonadotropins and steroidogenesis. This
would allow dual effects of pheromonally induced change in GnRH pulsatility,
e.g., both organizational and activational.

Jim Kohl

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