Quantum Telepathy

James Woodson jwoodson at ucla.edu
Mon Jul 21 18:00:14 EST 1997

>From: 	A.Stein
>Sent: 	Monday, July 21, 1997 2:22 PM
>To: 	neur-sci at net.bio.net
>Subject: 	Telepathy
>were in desperate need tp learn about the biological and psychological
>basics of telepathy!!! How may, would, should it work/be possible????
>Any ideas??
>My understanding has been that the overwhelming data has been
>to refute any possibility of telepathy.  However, precognition may
>be possible from a quantum mechanics perspective which may
>look like telepathy.
>Ron Blue

You guys have to take this fairytale speculation somewhere else.  It does
not belong on this newsgroup.
Talk all you want, but talk to each other, not to the whole group.  I'm
sending this out to the group so that the speculative TV level garbage can

James Woodson

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