NutraSweet Company (Dr. Moser) Closes Door on communication with 11 year old. Questions too embarrassing? (fwd)

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Tue Jul 22 17:34:29 EST 1997

You may remember that Jennifer Cohen is the 11 year old young girl who did
an experiment on Diet Coke for a class experiment, and a food laboratory
in New Jersey admitted that aspartame breaks down to the brain tumor
agent, DKP, and formaldehyde even in the fridge.  Dr. Moser's position is
to defend NutraSweet when they are exposed and is known for his long
letters to magazines and papers whenever the facts leak out on the deadly
effects of this toxin.  When Jennifer's experiment was published in the
Food Chemical News, Dr. Moser, wrote Jennifer explaining that he would be
interested in answering any of her questions.  He enclosed an article on
junk science and encouraged Jennifer not to accept Internet information.
Dr. Moser knows the truth of the matter is on many web pages now all over
the Internet system.

Usually the FDA/Monsanto (maker of NutraSweet) doesn't want to answer
questions, and continues to say aspartame is the most tested additive in
history.  Yet, the studies never proved aspartame safe - it proved brain
tumors, seizures, several other tumors and serious medical problems.

So Jennifer took the opportunity to ask Dr. Moser about the RAO study.
She couldn't understand how a pivotal study on 7 monkeys showing 6 had
grand mal seizures (l died) proved safety.  Dr. Moser wrote back and said
he would answer that but he had to go to Europe.  Obviously, he needed a
long time to think on how to get out of answering this question when he
himself had opened the door.

Finally Jennifer gets an answer with a bunch of excuses with Dr. Moser
shutting the door on any future embarrassing questions the NutraSweet
Company doesn't want to answer!  Here is her reply to Dr. Moser dated July
14, l997:

Robert H. Moser, M.D.
The NutraSweet Kelco Company
Box 730
1751 Lake Cook Road
Deerfield, Illinois 60015-5239

Dear Dr. Moser:

Thank you for answering my last letter, although you have not answered my
questions.  You answered many questions that I did not ask but ignored the
one question which I thought should be answered.  You wrote:

    "This has been an interesting correspondence, and I have attempted
    to respond to your comments.  I feel, however, that any further
    communication would not be productive."

I was curious about the Rao study.  The FDA thought that the study was
important enough to call that study a "PIVOTAL" study.  You are now
calling this important study, which resulted in aspartame approval, a bad
study.  Your actual words were:

    "..the study should never have been undertaken, much less
    submitted as legitimate observation.  This particular (Rao)
    experiment represents an unpardonable breach in methodology".

I do not think that it is fair of you to have used the study to get
aspartame approved and then criticize the study as being unreliable.  You
remind me of a boy in my class who once cheated in a game, making up the
rules as he went along, and then took his ball an went home during the
middle o fthe game when others complained.

The Rao study was different than all of the other studies you listed.
This is what I asked you to comment on.  In the Rao stuy the monkeys ate
aspartame with milk based baby formula.  I believe that this milk would
have changed the acidity of the stomach.  The aspartame would have acted
differently because the acid in the stomach might not have affected it.

In the other experiments that I read, the aspartame was either taken with
orange juice or water.  I can understand how the strong acid in the
stomach destroys aspartame, but in milk or dairy products it may not.  We
learned about pH in science class.  The stomach acids with a pH of less
than 2 would destroy aspartame.  When we add something to the stomach to
raise or buffer the pH the aspartame might survive.  That's why this study
was different from all other studies.  In real life we drink milk and
dairy products which may allow the aspartame to not be destroyed.

The evidence was there for all of the scientists and FDA reviewers to see.
It seems to me that they did not review this evidence very well.

I am sorry that you do not want to answer my question.  I also apologize
for thinking that it was you I saw on "60 Minutes".  It must have been
somebody from the FDA who said that there was no evidence ethat animals
suffered any ill effects from eating aspartame.  You obviously agree.

Whether it was you or some FDA official.  I am sorry that you still cannot
see the evidence.  Your own study was a good study when you needed it to
be and it was a "Pivotal Study".  Why is it now a bad study?  Is it
because there is proof that aspartame caused seizures?

I find it interesting that you give your own theory of why the monkeys got
epileptic seizures.  Rao said that the seizures occurred as a result of
the increase in phenylalanine in the blood... phenylalanine from the
aspartame.  The monkeys were observed  for 60 days after the experiment.
When the aspartame stopped, so did the seizures.  You might call this a
coincidence..  I would call it a clue.

You offered to help me by answering my questions and now you advise me
that our correspondence is ended.  You gave me hope and once showed me
that you cared.  Was I wrong to compliment you and the NutraSweet Kelco
Company in my last letter to you?

Your friend,
Jennifer Cohen

Obviously, the questions posed by Jennifer Cohen are too tough for the
NutraSweet Company to answer and too embarrassing.  Jennifer has done it
again!  60 Minutes said that only studies funded by the manufacturer ever
said it was safe, and these were the target for an indictment for fraud
that was never carried out because two U.S. prosecutors went to work for
the law firm defending the case instead of doing their job.  My, what
power!  And what a reward.  Independent and unbiased studies were also
done, not funded by the manufacturer.  Of 90 studies 83 showed problems
with aspartame.  FDA and Monsanto continues to be silent!

Whey to go, Jennifer?  More gold stars!

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